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biophotoI grew up as a native Californian immersed in and around saltwater and freshwater fishing. As early as I can remember I always had a rod and reel in my hand, it was my passion! With that I began as a deckhand with our San Diego sportfishing fleet when I was fourteen years old. When I was eighteen years old I obtained my Captain's License and I operated boats for the sportfishing and commercial fishing industries on the West Coast for nearly three years.

I now have over twenty years experience including fly fishing and bass fishing on the West Coast and adjacent inland waters. I have an extensive background in all applications, methods and techniques for both saltwater and freshwater fishing that includes fishing in oceans, lakes, rivers and tributaries.

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SDFish.com Guide Feature
An interview with tournament angler and guide Jim Hallauer

Jim Hallauer is an accomplished local tournament angler and fishing guide with over 20 years of fishing experience on San Diego County lakes. 
How long have you been fishing, and how did you get started?

I have been fishing for over 30 years. I first got started fishing with my dad at the age of 8 and then I became a deckhand on sportfishing boats when I was 14.

What is your go-to technique when nothing else seems to work, and why do you have so much confidence in it?

Drop shotting would rise to the top as a "go-to technique" when the bite becomes extremely tough. Dropshotting is so versatile; you can wacky rig baits and also adjust you leader length for the exact presentation when fish are on the bottom or suspended. Being able to use a variety of different baits with this presentation gives me the confidence I need to know that even on toughest days I can still get fish to bite.

What do you consider to be your fishing strengths, and why?

I consider my greatest strength to be deepwater structure fishing. When I was a sportfishing captain I spent a significant amount of time fishing on outside banks and troughs offshore. I take that with me when I am freshwater fishing and I'm most comfortable on larger bodies of water that have a varying degree of structure and topographical outline.


Southern California's Hottest Bass Lakes

El Capitan
El Capitan is one of the biggest lakes in the county, formed by the damming of the San Diego River. El Capitan is a prolific local tournament lake, kicking out quality limits year-round.
Lower Otay
Lower Otay is a long tule lined lake with a lot of flippable shoreline cover. Bass over 10 pounds are common, especially around the trout plants.
Lake Hodges
Lake Hodges is one of the most famous local lakes, being the only "non-trout" lake to produce a bass over 20 pounds.
Diamond Valley Lake
There may be no hotter lake in the country in the last few years than Diamond Valley. This new reservoir is as healthy as can be, with clear water, deep structure, and tons of solid bass.
Lake Murray
Lake Murray is known for its trophy bass, kicking out numerous teen-sized fish each year. The spring is the best time to target the double-digit Murray bass.
Miramar Lake
Miramar is a small, deep, clear-water reservoir that has produced 5 of the top 25 largest bass ever caught. Tules line the majority of the lake and provide year-round cover for bass.
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fish-and-game-logoJim Hallauer is bonded and holds a valid Guide License by the California Department of Fish & Game. Don't hire an unlicensed or uninsured guide, check to make sure your guide is properly licensed and covered.