Navionics latest news!! DAME award winner

SonarCharts™ by Navionics wins the DAME Award 2012

13 November 2012

Amsterdam, November 13th 2012

SonarCharts™ is the winner of this 22nd annual Design Award at METS in the Marine Equipment & Related software category.  This year, DAME attracted 115 products which were scrutinized from 25 countries by an independent, international jury. 

The motivation of the jury for choosing SonarCharts™ is:

“It is the first system to enable large-scale displays that incorporate automated and global daily updates of bathymetrical data. The Jury considered this to be a finely designed product that represents a tremendously exciting development in the area of marine navigation and believe that this product is a glimpse into the future of the chartware sector”.

Over the years, Navionics has figured very often amongst the winners of the DAME award, being recognized as a company that continuously brings innovative concepts and change the way people boat. SonarCharts™ is a high definition bathymetry map layer offering fishermen and cruisers maximum detail to help locate fishing areas and verify seabed details of itineraries.  The great innovation is that Navionics Community users can contribute their sonar logs and that updated charts can be downloaded within 24 hours through the Freshest Data, the Navionics exclusive chart online updating service. SonarCharts™ is available on multiple platforms including Plotter GPS, iPad, iPhone and WebApp.

Navionics President, Giuseppe Carnevali states, “Navionics is renowned for changing the world by making revolutionary features accessible and enjoyable. Nearly every boat has a fish finder or sonar: using the information recorded with these devices we can build fantastic charts… By integrating hydrographic office charts with data from Navionics surveys and sonar logs contributed by Navionics Community users, we have created SonarCharts™ providing the best detail of the seabed that a boater has ever seen; the difference with regular charts is outstanding. Innovations like SonarCharts™ represent the difference between anxiety and peace of mind.”

For more information on Navionics products, please visit www.navionics.com, or contact Navionics at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Custom painted lures…………. Do you think they make a difference?


A custom painted bait can make the difference in catching fish or just fishing. Have no doubt; most bodies of water offer a variety of forage, many of which are specific to their origin with respect to color, shape and size. Having a bait custom painted with these detailed characteristics provides an edge. While most bait’s are generic in paint production they cant always offer a hue or pattern that fish will key in on. Having a bait that offers a distinct similarity to what they are accustomed too is critical.

On a recent trip while throwing crankbaits I experimented with a custom Pizz painted 1.5 shad pattern while my son used a strike king 1.5. Shad that was as close as we could get to match the natural shad within the lake. My custom bait had three specific characteristics. It was painted with a transitioning dark black back color in prism and charcoal grey (identical to the lakes natural shad). The belly of the bait was light grey with a light silver flake (most baits are solid in color) and the plastic body of the bait was clear before being painted, adding an element of dimension. After fishing for just a few hours my bait out performed the standard 1.5 by an average of 5 to 1. To further support this finding my son and I exchanged baits and the results proved nearly the same. Upon removing the custom bait and then using a standard color 1.5 our fish catch decreased dramatically. Although we were just practicing that day, having that kind of advantage is critical in competition events.

Give yourself a winning advantage and take the time to understand the specific distinctions of the forage that are offered at the lakes you most commonly visit, the results are impressive! For your custom painting needs visit Pizz baits.    Jim Hallauer

SDFish.com Guide Feature
An interview with tournament angler and guide Jim Hallauer

Jim Hallauer is an accomplished local tournament angler and fishing guide with over 20 years of fishing experience on San Diego County lakes. 
How long have you been fishing, and how did you get started?

I have been fishing for over 30 years. I first got started fishing with my dad at the age of 8 and then I became a deckhand on sportfishing boats when I was 14.

What is your go-to technique when nothing else seems to work, and why do you have so much confidence in it?

Drop shotting would rise to the top as a "go-to technique" when the bite becomes extremely tough. Dropshotting is so versatile; you can wacky rig baits and also adjust you leader length for the exact presentation when fish are on the bottom or suspended. Being able to use a variety of different baits with this presentation gives me the confidence I need to know that even on toughest days I can still get fish to bite.

What do you consider to be your fishing strengths, and why?

I consider my greatest strength to be deepwater structure fishing. When I was a sportfishing captain I spent a significant amount of time fishing on outside banks and troughs offshore. I take that with me when I am freshwater fishing and I'm most comfortable on larger bodies of water that have a varying degree of structure and topographical outline.


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